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Kuali Research (KR) System Updates and FAQs

Periodically, communications are sent on the SPA listserv with tips, bug fixes, enhancements and other announcements related to our research administration system, Kuali Research (KR)*.  These updates have been sent since 2017 and are now cataloged by calendar year.  Click on the [ + ] header to view updates within a particular calendar year.

*In April of 2022, MSU transitioned to a new version of Kuali, and with the transition changed from Kuali Coeus to Kuali Research.  Updates that refer to KC are from the prior version and may have slightly different functionality than KR.

System Implementation Updates

Issue 85: 6/19/24

  • FY 24/25 Grad Student Fringe Benefit Rates Are Now in KR
  • New Columns in the Budget Table in PD
  • eRA Commons User IDs
  • HFH Annual COI Disclosure Dates Added to KR

Issue 84: 5/10/24

  • FY 24/25 Faculty & Staff Fringe Benefit Rates Are Now in KR
  • New Malign Foreign Talent Recruitment Column in COI Table
  • Inconsistencies in KR Budget Reports
  • Maintenance Outage

Issue 83: 11/28/23

  • New – Area of Research Fields in Kuali Research
  • Multiple PI Column Added to PD Search Results
  • CO-PD/PI Role Is Now Reflected in Personnel and Summary Options

Issue 82: 10/12/23

  • Maintenance Outage
  • Default PI Profile in Credit Allocation for Key Persons

Issue 81: 07/27/23

  • Changes to Standard Proposal Questionnaire in PD

Issue 80: 6/27/23

  • Identifier Added to HFH Faculty
  • Updates to the HFH + MSU HS Questions on Supplemental Info
  • Option to Change Organization Name on Senior/Key Person Form

Issue 79: 5/8/23

  • Updated Facilities & Administrative Rates
  • COI Disclosure Information on Summary/Submit Option
  • Changes to Budget Report #1
  • Pre-Proposal Can Be Selected as Proposal Type for S2S
  • "#psc">Fixed – Error Occuring For # Of PSC Participants

Issue 78: 3/14/23

  • Budget Overview Panel Has Been Added
  • Sync All Rates on Personnel Option Is Fixed

Issue 77: 2/10/23

  • Export to Excel Is Available on Some Budget Reports
  • Warning for Graduate Student Tuition Has Been Fixed
  • Error When Entering % Effort Less Than % Charged
  • Personnel Order Is Now Displaying Correctly
  • NIH Forms H Is Available
  • Research Associate (0-36 Months) Object Code Is Being Removed

Issue 76: 1/13/23

  • KR Unavailable 1/14/23–1/15/23 for Planned Maintenance
  • Maintenance Outage
  • Reminder – NIH Forms H Is Coming Soon

Issue 75: 12/16/22

  • Changes to Research Associate Fringe Benefits
  • Congressional District Change to MI-007
  • Random System Errors in PD and Budget Have Been Fixed
  • Delete Proposal and Delete Note Are Now Working
  • Reminder – List of KR Priorities Is on System Implementation Webpage
  • Reminder – NIH Forms H Is Coming Soon

Issue 74: 10/28/22

  • Budget Summary Option - Defaults To Expand All
  • Apply to Later Periods Feature Is Fixed
  • Error for Non-Domestic Addresses Has Been Fixed
  • List of KR Priorities Is Now on System Implementation Webpage
  • NIH Forms H Is Coming Soon

Issue 73: 9/30/22

  • Extended Downtime Is Over
  • Selecting HFH+MSU HS as an Applicant Organization
  • New Questions on Supplemental Information for HFH+MSU HS
  • Access/Permissions To Be Fixed
  • Staying In Edit Mode in the Budget Module
  • Change to Medusa in Proposal Development

Issue 72: 8/18/22

  • Extended Downtime in September - S2S Implications
  • Budget Report #3 Is Updated
  • NIH Validation & Image Services Are Back
  • New Resource To Help With PHS Human Subjects & Clinical Trial Form

Issue 71: 8/8/22

  • Notes Can Be Added to a PD While in Route
  • Performance Issues
  • Other Direct Costs Now Display on the R&R Budget Form
  • Grad Student Fringe Is Mapping Correctly to the R&R Budget Form
  • COI Disclosure Information Is Now in PD/IP/Award Modules

Issue 70: 7/8/22

  • Adding S2S Opportunities With Mandatory Unavailable Forms
  • FY 22/23 Fringe Benefit Rates Are Now in KR

Issue 69: 6/24/22

  • Automate Lines for Appointment
  • Designation for Faculty Owned/Conflict
  • Special Characters in Titles

Issue 68: 6/17/22

  • Proposal Search Has Been Updated
  • Copied Proposals

Issue 67: 6/10/22

  • OSP/BC Budget Approval Process
  • Known Issues in KR: 6/10/22
  • Issues That Have Been Fixed

Issue 66: 6/3/22

  • How to Complete Project Based Disclosures for COI
  • Known Issues in KR: 6/3/22
  • Issues That Have Been Fixed

Issue 65: 5/27/22

  • NIH PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Form
  • NIH Validation Service
  • NIH e-Application
  • Known Issues in KR: 5/27/22
  • Issues That Have Been Fixed

Issue 64: 5/20/22

  • Additional Proposal Types
  • Attend a Lab Session
  • Include PD# in Subject of Helpdesk Emails
  • Known Issues in KR: 5/20/22
  • Issues That Have Been Fixed

Issue 63: 5/13/22

  • Attachments Form for S2S Opportunities
  • Errors With the R&R Personal Data Form for S2S
  • Known Issues in KR
  • Accessing the COI Module

Issue 62: 5/6/22

  • Problems With Project Based COI Disclosures
  • How to Enter a Summary Person in the KR Budget
  • Special Characters in Project Title
  • Known Issues in KR: 5/6/22
  • Issues That Have Been Fixed

Issue 61: 4/29/22

  • How to Mark Your Budget "Final"
  • Budget Reports
  • COI – Project Based Disclosures
  • Known Issues in KR
  • Accessing the COI Module

Issue 60: 12/22/21

  • NIH Forms-G Is Now Available in KC

Issue 59: Friday Updates, 11/12/21

  • Updating Fringe Rates in KC for Restored Retirement Contribution

Issue 58: 7/16/21

  • Transition to Unique Entity Identifier
  • Syncing Fringe Benefit Rates

Issue 57: 2/5/21

  • New Question on the Adding Sponsors Request Form

Issue 56: 8/28/20

  • Budgeting for MSU Wage Reductions in KC

Issue 55: 7/10/20

  • Syncing Rates and Budgeting for Temporary Retirement Reduction

Issue 54: 12/13/19

  • New Web Form for Adding ORCiD ID’s
  • Additional Guidance on the New PI Certification Question

Issue 53: 11/12/19

  • Addition to the PI Certification Questions
  • New Job Aid on How to Find Salary and Fringe Benefits

Issue 52: 8/16/19

  • New Question Added to Help Determine Single IRB Requirements
  • Affiliate Web Request Form
  • How to Add Fellows in KC

Issue 51: 5/24/19

  • Opportunity ID Now on Proposal Summary Tab
  • Updated and New KC Training Videos
  • Selecting the Correct S2S Attachment Type for  Budget Justifications
  • Sponsor Notes
  • New Question When Adding a COI Financial Entity
  • Warning Message for Faculty Conflict/Ownership
  • IACUC Approvals Now Integrate With KC Award Module
  • Reminders for S2S Subaward Budgets

Issue 50: 2/22/19

  • System Implementation Updates
  • Identifying Co-PDs/PIs for all Proposal Submissions
  • Edits on the Budget Summary Tab

Issue 49: 1/18/19

  • Change to Future Approvals
  • New Human Subjects Exemptions
  • Budget Period Dates Added to Report 1, 2, and 4

Issue 48: 1/4/19

  • Accessing KC Web Forms on the SPA Website
  • Deleting PD Documents With Attachments

Issue 47: 12/14/18

  • How to Copy a Proposal Development Document
  • Change to the Sponsor Solicitation Attachment Type
  • Maintenance Outage
  • Only Active Units Will Display in the Lead Unit Dropdown
  • Change to PI Approval of Proposal

Issue 46: 11/30/18

  • Renaming the Cancel Button
  • Change to the Order of Questions on Proposal Summary Tab
  • NIH NRSA Rates Have Been Updated in KC
  • Increased Size of the COI Certification Checkbox and Submit Button
  • COI Disclosure Report Updates
  • Apply Inflation to All Periods
  • Apply to Later Periods – Change and New Feature

Issue 45: 11/16/18

  • Maintenance Outage
  • Change to Late Notifications
  • New Validation Error for S2S Submissions

Issue 44: 11/2/18

  • New KC Training Videos
  • Are You Happy With Your Access in KC?
  • Budget Periods Over Twelve Months
  • Updates to Search Results

Issue 43: 10/19/18

  • System-To-System Change to the Header
  • Notes Added to Proposal, IP, and Award Lookups
  • Changes to Budget Report #2
  • Changes to Budget Report #4

Issue 42: 10/5/18

  • Combined Credit Split Changes
  • Creating a New Space Profile
  • Base Salary Buttons in KC Budget
  • October Raises in KC
  • Prime Sponsor on Summary Tab

Issue 41: 9/21/18

  • Two New Fields for Non-MSU Employees
  • Annual Disclosure Acknowledgements
  • Other Significant Contributor
  • Send Notification Message in KC

Issue 40: 9/7/18

  • eRA Commons User Name Field Changes
  • Citizenship Type
  • Protocol Number Validation
  • Two New Fields for Non-MSU Employees

Issue 39: 8/10/18

  • PI Profile Lookup
  • Outage
  • Late and At-Risk Email Notification

Issue 38: 7/27/18

  • S2S Fellowship Applications – When to Affiliate
  • Performance Issues
  • Budget Report #1
  • Question Related to Minors Has Been Added to the Questionnaire

Issue 37: 7/13/18

  • Update on Late and At-Risk Notification Emails
  • Maintenance Outage

Issue 36: 6/29/18

  • Reminder that Form D Reports Are Available
  • Late and At-Risk Notification Emails Will Be Sent Out of KC
  • Updated KC Budget Reports #4, #7, and #8
  • Name Change for Fee-for-Service F&A Rate Type
  • FY 18/19 Fringe Rates Will Soon Be in KC

Issue 35: 6/15/18

  • New – Initiator Proposal Search
  • Question Related to Minors Will Be Added to the Questionnaire
  • NIH Summer Salary Cap Object Code Is Now Available
  • Maintenance Outage

Issue 34: 6/1/18

  • Change to the "All My Proposals" Search
  • How to Budget Summer Salary for the NIH Salary Cap

Issue 33: 5/18/18

  • Update to the Modular Budget Job Aid
  • NIH NRSA Rates Have Been Updated in KC
  • Maintenance Outage
  • Adding Project Personnel to Object Codes

Issue 32: 5/4/18

  • Printing User Attached Forms
  • Adding Key Personnel to the Combined Credit Split at 0%
  • No Longer Able to Sync Budget Rates After Approval
  • New F&A Rate Type for NIFA Proposals

Issue 31: 4/20/18

  • Maintenance Outage
  • Instructions for Project Based COI Disclosures
  • How to Use the Negotiation Module

Issue 30: 4/6/18

  • Non-MSU Employees Have Been Removed From the Budget
  • Percent Employment Has Been Added to the Budget
  • Fringe Rate Has Been Added to the Budget
  • COI Disclosure Status Is Now Displayed in PD, IP and Award

Issue 29: 3/23/18

  • Job Title for Non-MSU Employees Is Now on Federal Form
  • Fringe Rate Now Displays in Some Budget Reports
  • Excel Version of the Budget Summary Total Report Has Been Fixed
  • Maintenance Outage
  • COI Disclosure Status Will Be Displayed in PD/IP/Award
  • MSU Email Service Alert on March 22nd

Issue 28: 3/9/18

  • Changes to the Approve, Disapprove, Return Emails
  • Excel Budget Reports Are Now on the Proposal Summary Tab
  • Use of Special Characters in the PHS Human Subjects Form
  • F&A Base Is Now in Budget Report #5
  • Replacing Proposal Attachments When in Route

Issue 27: 2/23/18

  • Animal Subjects and Intl. Activities Validations Are Now in PD
  • Validation Warning for Attaching Required Forms Has Been Removed
  • Reminder to Pull in the Correct Opportunity Announcement for S2S

Issue 26: 2/9/18

  • Non-Employees Should Not Be Budgeted as Personnel
  • Updates to KC Training Videos
  • Forms-E Update

Issue 25: 1/26/18

  • New Validations Have Been Added to Proposal Development
  • KC Training Materials Have Been Moved to SPA’s Website
  • Frequently Asked COI Questions

Issue 24: 1/12/18

  • NIH Forms-E Has Been Fixed for Clinical Trials
  • *New* - PHS Human Subject and Clinical Trial Information Guide
  • Reject Option Has Been Replaced With Return
  • S2S Pre-Proposals
  • Negative Unrecovered F&A Warning Has Been Revised

Issue 23: 12/29/17

  • NIH Forms E Is Now Available in KC
  • KC System Updates Webpage Now Includes Contents

Issue 22: 12/15/17

  • Delete All Feature Has Been Added to the Budget Module
  • New - COI Disclosure Report
  • Budget Status Is Changing in the Budget Module

Issue 21: 12/1/17

  • Project Title Is Now Included in Proposal Approval Emails
  • Rates Tab in the Budget Now Only Shows the Applicable F&A Rate
  • Only the Applicable F&A Rate Now Displays on Proposal Summary
  • College/Dept Name Now Displays in the Route Log
  • Excel Exports Will Now Be in Currency Format
  • Budget Costshare Summary Report Can Be Exported to Excel

Issue 20: 11/10/17

  • Period Type Will Now Auto-Populate
  • Budget Summary Total Report Can Be Exported to Excel
  • CFDA Number Is No Longer an Editable Field
  • Maintenance Outage
  • Medusa – The Link between PD, IP, Award and Negotiation
  • Change to the Ordering of Key Personnel

Issue 19: 11/3/17

  • Updates to the Proposal Summary Tab
  • Personnel in the Budget Are Now Numbered
  • 9 Month and Summer Dates Will Auto-Populate in the Budget
  • Sponsor Deadline Type Is Now a Required Field
  • EBS Portal Unavailable During Scheduled Maintenance

Issue 18: 10/27/17

  • New - Sponsor Deadline Type is Becoming a Required Field
  • New - Salary Look-Up for Budgeting
  • Approval Email Updates
  • New - Excel Export Option
  • Institutional Proposal Search
  • How to Distinguish between the Address Book, Organization Table and Sponsor Table

Issue 17: 10/13/17

  • VIP Mobile Phone App for Two-Factor Authentication
  • Reminder – Descriptions for Proposal Attachments
  • Not Receiving Notification Emails? Check these things…
  • October Raises in KC
  • Forms will now Print Prior to Completion
  • Clearing Pessimistic Locks
  • Maintenance Outage
  • New – View the Route Log Directly from Proposal Search
  • Searching Proposals by Unit

Issue 16: 9/29/17

  • How to Budget a Part Time Employee
  • How to Budget Subcontracts
  • How Is Inflation Calculated
  • Using the Group Feature for Personnel
  • How to Budget Faculty Who Are over the NIH Salary Cap

Issue 15: 9/15/17

  • Maintenance Outage
  • System Changes for COI Project Based Disclosures
  • F&A Rate Type for Modular Budgets Updated
  • NIH R-Series Checklist for S2S Proposals
  • EBS Maintenance on 9-23 and 9-24

Issue 14: 9/1/17

  • New - Budget Salary Report
  • Upcoming Conflict of Interest Changes
  • Home Unit for Key Personnel Is Now Editable
  • EBS Maintenance on 9-5-17
  • Fixed – F&A Rate and Rate Type Are Now Displaying Correctly in Budget Reports

Issue 13: 8/18/17

  • New - Budget Summary Report
  • Key Personnel Certification Questions Now on the Summary Tab
  • F&A Rate Type and Rate Displaying Incorrectly in Budget Reports
  • Friday Updates Are Changing in Name and Frequency

Issue 12: 8/11/17

  • Activity Type & Proposal Type Definitions on the Web
  • How to Budget Fringe Benefits When Opting Out of Retirement
  • Implications of the Change for Co-PD/PI and Co-Investigator Roles
  • Where to See the Status of S2S Proposal Submissions

Issue 11: 8/4/17

  • User Attached Forms Webpage
  • How to Budget Graduate Students
  • Stipend Object Code for NIH Senior Fellows (F33)
  • Updates to the Budget Summary Total Report
  • Co-PD/PI and Co-Investigator Roles
  • Personal Data Form Will Now Accept More Than 4 Co-PD/PIs

Issue 10: 7/28/17

  • Changes to the Rejection Notification Email
  • Salary Budget Builder Is Going Away on 7/31/2017
  • Budget Summary Total Report
  • User Attached Forms May Be Replaced During Route

Issue 9: 7/21/17

  • Enter Direct Costs and F&A in Summary Budgets
  • NIH Fellowship S2S Submissions
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellows – Access to KC
  • Questionnaire – Newer Version Message
  • Salary Budget Builder is Going Away on 7/31/2017
  • Budget Warning to Sync Rates

Issue 8: 7/14/17

  • Maintenance Outage
  • Pre-doctoral Fellowship S2S Submissions
  • Revisions to the Notification Emails and the Action List
  • REMINDER – Salary Budget Builder is going away on 7/31/2017
  • The Deadline Policy and S2S Submissions

Issue 7: 7/7/17

  • Sponsor Naming Conventions
  • File Names
  • Descriptions for Proposal Attachments

Issue 6: 6/30/17

  • Reminder - KC System Outage
  • Object Code for Unrecovered F&A
  • Does this Proposal Include Subawards(s)?
  • Salary for Part Time Employees Is Now Annualized
  • FY17/18 SI Rates Are Now in KC
  • Salary Budget Builder Is Going Away on July 31st

Issue 5: 6/23/17

  • KC System Outage
  • Video Demonstrations on Reporting
  • Using the Summary Option in Budgets
  • Unit Contacts – Remember to Sync
  • Does this Proposal Include Subaward(s)?
  • FY17/18 Faculty/Staff SI Rates are now in KC

Issue 4: 6/16/17

  • Maintenance Outage
  • Marking Budgets Complete
  • Budget Name Over 40 Characters
  • Unrecovered F & A

Issue 3: 6/9/17

  • Maintenance Outage
  • Statement of Commitment Attachment
  • Subaward Budgets for S2S Submissions
  • NIH Multi-PI Submissions with Non-MSU employees
  • Completing a Project Disclosure in the COI Module

Issue 2: 6/2/17

  • Opting Out of Future Approvals
  • Entering the F&A Rate Type and Rate for Summary Budgets
  • Click "Sync Rates" and "Default Periods" when Changing Project Period Dates
  • Verify S2S Forms Are Checked to Be Included with the Proposal
  • Non-MSU Employees Must Be Added as Key Persons
  • Summary and Detailed Budgets Cannot Be Entered Simultaneously

Issue 1: 5/26/17

  • Steps for Downloading a System-to-System (S2S) Opportunity
  • Entering USDA’S TFFA Rate in the KC Budget Module
  • CFDA Number for S2S Applications
  • RA Arm Form
  • Log-In for Web Forms
  • Future Faculty

Priority KR Fixes and Enhancements (Updated 6/9/23)

Following is a list of fixes/enhancements that the KR Technical team is either currently working on or they are considered higher priority: 

  • HFH+MSU HS updates on the Supplemental Info, Personnel and Summary/Submit options
  • Updating reports 2, 7 and 8
  • Adding Areas of Research
  • Adding cost share display fields to the Personnel option
  • Update code base to bring in new fixes/features from Kuali
  • Automatically add PI Profile for MSU Key Persons included in the Credit Allocation

This list is continuously being adjusted for new issues that may arise with a higher priority.  This is not an exhaustive list; there are other issues/enhancements that have been logged.


How will faculty and department/college administrators access KR?

KR is accessible through the EBS portal and the Sponsored Programs Administration website, and will require two-factor authentication. 

What educational opportunities are available to learn KR?

  • Support Materials: Support materials including job aids and videos are available on the KR Training Materials webpage.
  • ERA Electives: Additional training opportunities are available through the Essentials of Research Administration (ERA) series with KR specific electives on Beginner's Hands-On Budgeting in KR, Proposal Development in KR, and Advanced Hands-On Budgeting in KR.  Please register through the ERA Registration System.
  • Questions: For assistance with the system, please contact the KR Help Desk at 517-355-2000 or

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