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Example Data Management and Sharing Plans

The example plans linked below are intended to assist you in creating your own data management and sharing plan (DMP).  Please do not copy text from these DMPs verbatim into your own data management and sharing plan. 


NIH DMP Plan Format Page

NIH has provided an optional DMS Plan Format Page to help researchers write a DMS Plan that includes all of the required elements.

For Element 6 of the DMS Format Page, the PI will need to consider what is a reasonable oversight methodology for their proposed project.  Building on one of the samples from NIH as a template, we have developed an option for language below that investigators may choose to use as a starting point in drafting their response for Element 6.  Please note that the paragraph as written may need adjustments or may not work for the specific project/staffing and/or NIH specific direction in a Request for Applications (RFA). Please also be aware that SPA/OSP/CGA does not plan to assume responsibility for monitoring oversight with DMS plans and language indicating otherwise should not be proposed. The PI may need to modify or create their own wording to communicate planned oversight. 

Data will be submitted by a project data manager from the PI’s project team. The data manager will oversee data collection, analysis, storage, and sharing. Compliance with the plan will be monitored by the PI routinely. The PI will conduct periodic meetings with key study personnel to ensure the timeliness of data entry and will review data to ensure quality of data entry. The PI is aware of MSU resources at: Data Management Plans-Resources for MSU. The PI will ensure data are submitted and shared according to this DMSP.

DMS Plans published in RIOjournal

Data Management Plans can be filtered by subject, funding agency, and publication date.

LIBER DMP Catalogue

Provides a central hub for DMPs from different disciplines along with quality reviews of the DMPs with assessments of the quality of the different parts.

The LIBER DMP Catalogue provides the metadata and reviews in tabular form and links to the citable and DOI-equipped PDF version of the DMPs on Zenodo.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR):  Collection of Natural Science example DMPs.

Digital Curation Centre Public DMPs

Public DMPs are plans created using the DMPonline service and shared publicly by their owners. They are not vetted for quality, completeness, or adherence to funder guidelines.

DMP Examples (Digital Curation Centre)

A summary of example data management plans listed by funding organization.

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